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About 9 bulles

9 bulles: a concept for future mothers, designed by a mother!

Everything started in 2005, I was pregnant with my first daughter and I still wanted to remain elegant and feel good in my clothes, but the options available for future mothers like me seemed so limited. I didn’t feel that I had access to the right information about what I was experiencing. As a result of this I decided to launch my own concept in 2010, for mothers to be and mothers who breast-feed: 9 bulles!

A "Made in Belgium" concept

The story of 9 bulles started with an e-shop. Then in 2011, 9 bulles opened its first shop in Liège, so that customers could come and try and get a closer look at the collections.

9 bulles received a number of awards for its unique concept, and went on to sell its collections all over the world.

9 bulles is really a lot more than just a boutique and an e-shop, it is first and foremost a 100% Belgian concept, created by Marie-Laurence Lefébure, with assistance from future mothers. The concept makes extensive use of its blog to share a vast quantity of useful information about being pregnant and breast-feeding.

Because every pregnant woman is unique, 9 bulles provides personalised advice to help you feel good in your clothes throughout the duration of your pregnancy, and beyond.

A selection from the best names in fashion!

9 bulles has put together a selection of items especially for you, taken from the best names in fashion, all using quality, elegant, hard-wearing and easy to clean fabrics. And they can all be worn after your pregnancy. For the most part we select our products from European manufacturers. Pomkin, for example, exclusively make their collections in France and Portugal. We know that every future mum or mum who breast-feeds wants to wear sophisticated lingerie and stay sexy! So we are happy to offer a wide range of lingerie.

We hope your 9 months of pregnancy will be wonderful!

Founder of 9bulles